Curious Incidents

What does it mean to be moved by “The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time“? The novel, adapted for the stage, narrates the tale of an autistic teen-ager who chooses to confront some of his fears. There are many other stories that chronicle personal courage. Why is this story so compelling? Is it because it describes the efforts of  a young man to go beyond the limits members of  his family and society have erected?

Christopher’s flair for mathematics and  his literal interpretation of events allow him to experience life differently. His revulsion at any physical touch pushes him away from those who love and care for him, althouugh he does permit fleeting touches of fingertips with his father.

His quest to find his mother takes him on a terrifying journey, buffeted by noise and losing his pet in the subway.

The set , with its stark lines at right angles to each other, represents the autism spectrum,  railway lines, the perserveration of angular lines in Christopher’s walk, his logical reading of evennts in his world and even the grid within which we live.


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